Customer Service has been developed with the intention to provide a professional support to new and potential contractors, as well as partners who are already working with Alegre.

We consistently expand the team and increase their competences, and, at the same time, we focus our thinking and acting on the mutually beneficial, qualitative development of cooperation. So we can help our customers to gain competitive edge.

In case you are interested in our services please feel free to send us your request for offer, to which we will respond within 48 hours. Having in mind the comfort of our customers, we provide a 24/7 hotline enabling you to verify the status of the order or report a problem that must be dealt with immediately.

The operation of the office is based on three priorities defined by our current partners.

Three priorities:

Flexible attitude

of the specialists from Alegre towards customers’ expectations and needs

Minimisation of the time for response

to an order, request of the contractor

Comprehensiveness of service

which means transport coordination, regular communication, formalities, etc.


Offer in 2 days

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