Logistics in good hands!

In accordance with the adopted strategy, Alegre gradually develops the potential of logistics support provided to its Customers interested in the outsourcing of these services. We implement solutions that ensure high quality of the cooperation and the optimisation of the contractor-operator relation.

We offer warehouse and contract logistics services as a part of the management of goods flow - for both production and trade companies:

Production plants
Manufacturers of intermediate products
Manufactures of parts
Shopping centres
Online shops


Cross-docking is about the collection of goods from many places, unloading and loading, and their consolidation into one shipment, which later on is delivered to a single recipient, or deconsolidation of larger shipments and their distribution to many recipients. This process requires a perfect synchronisation of all the processes related to acceptance and release of goods. The key factor of a successful cross-docking is to use appropriate software that enables an integration of deliveries and full synchronisation of logistics operations (record keeping, tagging, preparation for shipment) and transport.

cross docking


Warehouse/ contract logistics services are intended for companies being a part of a supply chain - from the delivery of goods from the factory, storage, repacking, goods tagging and numbering, assembling, preparation for shipment.

logistyka magazynowa

We arrange transport

To factories, distribution centres, warehouses, shopping centres.