A database integration is just a beginning of changes that Alegre is going to implement in business and process management.

The key challenge is the automation of accounting processes. The company has been consequently preparing itself to enter other sectors of the transport and logistics market, and at the same time the development of Alegre will offer more opportunities to our regular customers, too. According to the strategy, the implemented changes aim to increase the range of services by those based on state-of-the-art technological tools, like cross-docking.


Najważniejsze elementy rozwoju w obszarze IT:

  • implementation of ERP system
  • full integration of ERP with Transport Management System
  • implementation of Active Directory
  • transfer of data to a cloud run by several servers with a very high level of data security.
  • implementation of modules for handling complaint processes
  • implementation of automatic customer notifications of payment
  • implementation of automatic invoicing with barcodes on documents
  • full automation of accounting and finance processes



Systems play an important part, as growing demands and needs of customers force suppliers to deliver goods to a proper place at a strictly specified time. Those systems streamline the flow of information by providing adequate standards in data exchange within the whole supply chain of products. Moreover they help to avoid errors in data entry, automate order processing, enable the use of a generally applied identification, improve the level of service and customer satisfaction.