We are a promising partner!

Alegre is a logistics operator specialising in road transport to the member states of the EU. Our customers have 100 trucks at their disposal. We rely mainly on the reliable Volvo make (tractor units meeting the requirements of the Euro 6 or 5 standards). The average age is a little bit more than 3 years and is regularly reduced on the account of the expansion of the fleet with new vehicles.

The priority of Alegre is the flexibility of deliveries and an individualisation of the service. For example, we respond positively to the request of having more than one places of unloading, or of engaging our own drivers in those activities. Many lines of business are characterised by irregular fluctuations in the demand for transport services, and that is why, basing on a long-term cooperation, we are able to develop our company in symbiosis with our partners. We adapt ourselves to the realities of many industries and guarantee just-in-time deliveries.

We offer transport and forwarding of the goods that are of:

Different weight
Different dimensions
Different consistency

We ensure:

Full-truck load (TFL) and less-than truck load (LTL) transport
ADR dangerous goods transport
Transport of food products
Container transport
Express transport up to 1.5 t and 3.5 t

We have at our permanent disposal semi-trailers with the capacity of 24 tons:

  • Curtain-sider (90 - 120 m3)
  • Refrigerated truck (33 EUR-pallets)

We arrange transport

To factories, distribution centres, warehouses, shopping centres.