Alegre has always had the same priority, i.e. the development of a long-term cooperation and partnership with carriers, with the hope for self-development in collaboration.

What is really important to us is to jointly expand the fleet, increase the quality of service and gain the competitive edge. As a part of the “6 pillars” programme, we provide benefits, care about carriers’ satisfaction and the transparency of the collaboration. The programme and the partnership approach of Alegre lead to an increase of the potential of the carriers operating under our name (currently it is almost 50 vehicles). However, what is even more important is the fact that it is based on long-term contracts. The area of Alegre’s operation are the member states of the EU, with the special emphasis on Germany.

We propose two models of cooperation:


  • constant cooperation, high number of orders
  • availability for us
  • we provide our own semi-trailers
  • we provide fuel cards
  • transparent manner of settlement and financing (instalments)
  • extra package of supportive services (6 pillars)


  • receiving orders directly from Alegre or through a freight exchange
  • in case of bigger orders it is possible to use semi-trailers of Alegre
  • transparent manner of settlement