The Development Strategy of Alegre for the years 2018-2019 is another milestone in the 15-year history of the company, which is certain to upgrade it to a higher category of companies from the transport and logistics market.

The foundation of the development lays on:


Nowadays, effective and proper management of a vehicle fleet and relationships with customers, with relation to services provided in transport and logistics, is possible only with the use of modern information and telecommunication technologies. A growing number of employers demand flexibility, promptness and comprehensive service. In practice, this means transport of any number of goods of different dimensions, from different parts of the world, on long and short distances, custom clearance, storage and the distribution of consignments.

Thanks to the Development Strategy, Alegre has joined the ranks of the most cutting edge and professional medium-sized companies from Poland’s transport and logistics industry, and at the same time it is signalling that once this strategy has been implemented, the time will come for another one. Our team cherishes great ambitions.