Our company had the honour to be a member of the Ambassador Club of Volvo Trucks in Poland in 2015/2016. Successful cooperation resulted in an invitation to the next edition in the year 2017/2018.

The proposal, including an expression of appreciation, has been submitted by Małgorzata Kulis, Vice President Volvo Group Truck Baltic Sea Market. In the letter addressed to the CEO of Alegre, Jarosław Buła, she says:
The activities undertaken jointly with your Company confirmed us that setting up the Ambassador Club had been a good and fruitful idea. [...] I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you for your commitment in our communication campaign and your consent to become a face of the video materials as a part of an ambassador series “I am an Ambassador of Volvo Trucks”. [...] Because of our appreciation of your contribution to the first edition of the project, we would like to invite you to continue our cooperation in 2017/2018.
CEO of Alegre assures that the company will be happy to continue the cooperation. ‘Volvo is our reliable partner, with whom we make further development plans. It is worth mentioning that tractor units by Volvo are the core of our fleet’ Jarosław Buła